Tuesday, August 23, 2005


It began a fews weeks ago with the occasional titch in my right eye. Now it twitches off and on all day. It is either stress or my anti-depressant, or perhaps both. I used to think that I was a relatively laid-back person, but I've come to realize that I'm slothful rather than relaxed.

My husband has the Journey to Wild Divine software, which a therapist recommended to him for biofeedback training to manage pain. I tried it out and discovered that even when I think I'm relaxed I'm a tightly coiled bundle of nerves. The only exercise I've managed to do successfully is shoot some arrows, which is suitably aggressive.

But off on a tangent now, because someone just showed me a trailer for Harry Potter and the Goble of Fire from a French site
<http://www.allocine.fr/>, and it looks beautiful. The Harry Potter books put me on a young-adult fantasy kick. I am now convinced that young-adult novels are far more entertaining and thought provoking than adult fiction. I still have to finish the third in the His Dark Materials trilogy. I hope to see those books as movies someday.


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