Saturday, December 20, 2008

Random before-Christmas observations

1. DramaQueen has a Girl Scout fundraiser on Sunday. They will be set up at B&N taking donations to wrap presents. Scratch that. The girls will be looking sweet and asking people if they want presents wrapped and the moms will be wrapping the presents. I must remember to find her sash.

2. I finally found Dear Huband's present. Not exactly the right thing but very much on the right track. I hope.

3. I need to purchase tissue paper.

4. I must at all costs avoid the Mall of Georgia disaster area by a radius of about 5 miles. Except that of course the B&N is in the Mall.

5. DramaQueen has another Girl Scout event on Monday, visiting a senior center. Must remember sash again.

6. We have to make cookies close enough to Christmas Eve to ensure that there are some left for Santa.

7. I'm not sure I remember where I hid everything.

8. Despite my intense dislike of crowds I have a perverse desire to visit a toy store and a craft store and just sort of wander around.

9. Lindt white chocolate truffles are yummy.

10. Firecracker is finding that the kitties need "talks". She has to take them aside and talk to them about good and bad choices. It seems they are making a lot of bad choices.


  1. Wishing you all the best this Christmas and a blessed New Year!

    God bless you and your family! ♥

  2. I absolutely love toy stores. I usually ignore the crowds and the weird looks I get from people as I check out each individual toy and "play" with them.

    My favorite toy growing up was a Tinkertoy Construction Set my mother got me for my birthday, although I don't remember which one. It was the classic wood kind, and I spent many hours alone as a kid creating people, buildings and cars that looked nothing like they were supposed to. A few years back, however, my father accidentally sold it at a garage sale.