Monday, June 23, 2008

Who Let the Worms Out?

Dear Husband got Firecracker some worms this weekend. I had some reservations about this venture, mainly that worms give me the heebie jeebies. I’m all for supporting my kids in their interests, but I know my limits. I think the people at the pet store thought he was nuts. We have them in a little “critter box” that I covered with dark paper and a ventilated paper plate. Obviously that was not all that secure because this morning I found one by the sink and one on the living room floor, being stared at intently by one of our cats. Dear Husband was angry with me for waking him to take care of the matter. He kept yelling from bed that I should use the dustpan to scoop them up. Well, I figure he bought them, so he can deal with them, because I would never under any circumstances have bought a box of worms. I would have found a nice little plush inchworm or something like that, something cuddly to keep Gary the snail company. But the very idea of letting the worms go upsets Firecracker. Why not a fish? I asked. At this point I would be willing to undertake education in keeping an aquarium. Nice fishies. Firecracker’s response? “How about a spider?” Shudder.


  1. I've kept worms. They like lots of damp shredded newspaper, really damp at the bottom to slightly damp at the top. They dry out very easily. If they are looking for something damp they tend to commit "wormicide."

    If you leave the dead worms on the floor long enough, they become "sticks" that are easier to deal with.

    Add some dirt -- just a little for the grit and bury some vegetable matter in the middle and let it rot. No citrus, no tomatos or onions.

    The "soil" they make is great for potted plants. Really. =o)

  2. worms? oh gosh! i'm not a fan. =D