Friday, April 27, 2007

Rev Gals Friday Five

What I am

1. Wearing: my nightgown and two surgical drains. Very fashionable.

2. Pondering: When will I ever get rid of these last surgical drains so I can wear real clothes? (btw, it hurts rather more than I expected to have surgical drains pulled out. I knew I was in trouble when the nurse told me to take a deep breath.) How long until I have a normal-looking right breast? How much more time am I going to have to take off to have the rest of the reconstruction? How are we going to pay to fix the car? How are we going to pay for my meds, now that they've been bumped up from tier 2 to tier 3? How am I going to get anything done when my MIL leaves tomorrow?

3. Reading: I think I have finished the entire Artemis Fowl series. I have to check Amazon. Someone lent them to me to keep me from being bored.

4. Dreaming: Of never going to work again and instead staying home and homeschooling my children, so that their natural curiousity will blossom, and DramaQueen will replace the lyrics to "I like big butts" with arias, or jazz, or something, and we will take wondeful, educational field trips that inspire them to learn yet more about whales, the ecology, Matisse, anything. The fact that DramaQueen's teacher makes up humerous names for the kids also makes me think I should jump ship--he call her Butsy. Yeah, charming. Oh, and there was the time he accidentally showed them a skit from SNL that featured three friends: the letters U, C, and K, who made a new friend, the letter F. The note back from the teacher said that she was the only one who "obviously knew what the word meant". Am I imagining it or was that snide?

5. Eating: A Reeses Peanut Butter Cup that I found on the bookshelf where I put it before I went to the hospital. And drinking coffee.

Almost time for my next valium and my arm mobility exericise.


  1. Gosh, I would be very upset about that note from the teacher. As if you need more to be concerned about right now!
    I'm glad you found chocolate.

  2. Poor love..that all sounds miserable. So sorry that recovery is slower than you'd like (well, I guess anything slower than instant would fit into that category but you know what I mean...)
    Do virtual hugs hurt? If not, please find enclosed ((Alice))

  3. Definitely snide. That teacher needs to go. not anyplace where he is a teacher!